Hellraiser Club, Leipzig (Germany)

March  17th, 2024


 "Masters of Fire Tour 2024"

European co-headliner tour with Masterplan


promoting their highly acclaimed new album "Stand United"

(release March 1st, 2024)



"Firewind" are a Greece based power metal band founded 1998 in Thessaloniki by guitarist Gus G.
Gus G. became well known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne. He also played in Arch Enemy and Dream Evil.
German singer Herbie Langhans is known for his work with Avantasia, Sinbreed and Seventh Avenue. 
Over the years the band lineup became international - the current members are from Greece, Spain and Germany. 


Firewind are:


Gus G. (guitars) founding member since 1998

Herbie Langhans (vocals) since 2020

Johan Nunez (drums) since 2011

Petros Christodoulidis (bass) since 2003



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